Social Security Benefits for Family Members

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Winning a claim for social security benefits usually comes as a relief to an injured worker and his or her family. The financial strain caused by inability to work combined with the mounting medical expenses can quickly devastate a family not only monetarily, but also emotionally. Knowing that benefits are on the way is an important step to rebuilding financial and psychological stability.

It’s important to note that benefits aren’t just for the injured worker. Family members may also be entitled to benefits that can total up to fifty percent of the monthly rate. There are qualified social security disability lawyers that can help a family determine which members should make a claim for benefits.

Spouses are entitled to benefits if they are over the age of 62 and meet certain earnings record and benefits requirements. If they are caring for a child under the age of 16, the age limit is lifted. Likewise if they are caring for a child who is disabled. Note: the child must be the legal child of the initial claimant. Divorces spouses are also eligible for benefits, provided they meet certain criteria.

Children are also eligible for benefits whether they are biological children, step-children or adopted children of the claimant. They have to meet age and/or education requirements. Disabled children are also eligible, provided they do not qualify for SSD benefits on their own.

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