Why Rent a Photo Booth?

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When planning a party there are dozens of decisions to make, from the big ones like location and invitation list to small things like party favors and what font to use on the napkins. When it comes to entertainment, hosts are faced with a plethora of options from bands to DJs to street performers and countless other entertainers.

So why not combine two decisions into one? Choose to rent a party photo booth and you get both a record of the event and an entertainment feature in one. Not only will guests have fun posing in the booth, they’ll spend the rest of the evening comparing photos with each other.

The appeal of the photo booth to guests is undeniable. They associate the portable digital version with the booth they remember earlier eras (how much earlier depends on the age range of your guests). For you, a photo booth rental offers customizable options so that you can remember your event the way you want. You can choose from different photo backgrounds, imprint each shot with a date and event name, and even keep a copy of every photo taken for yourself.

Think about how much your guests will enjoy it, how much fun you’ll have reliving the event when you view the photos and how cost effective it is and you’ll see that it would be crazy NOT to rent a booth.

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