Monthly Archive: March 2011

Perfect Map Gifts

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When it comes to buying presents, many people freeze up in fear . They want to find the perfect gift for the recipient– not something that will get a fake smile and be cast aside. They want to find a gift that will be appreciated, remembered, and utilized or enjoyed. The ideal gift would be one that the person didn’t even know they wanted but instantly recognizes as something that can’t live without.

A map or a globe may turn out to be just that gift — if enough care is taken in selecting it.

Shoppers should start by thinking about the interests and background of the friend or family member who … Read the rest

Reclaim Your Life After Addiction

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Different people of many different lifestyles can face problems with addiction. If you find yourself addicted to a substance such as alcohol or drugs there is a way to cure it. Don’t suffer from addiction any longer. The solution is to find a quality drug rehab center as soon as possible. The longer your addiction is allowed to take over your life, then the longer you’re in the position where you’re living a life of pain.

If you or a family member is facing an addiction problem then the time to do something is now. Find immediate help and reclaim the life you deserve to be living. There is plenty … Read the rest

Helmets and Motorcycle Accidents

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There are perhaps more than two schools of thought when it comes to the wisdom of wearing a helmet or not. However, the arguments generally fall into two pretty distinct camps. One side argues that the statistics definitely show that wearing helmets do save lives, and the other side argues that it is a choice that should be entirely up to the rider.

Anyone riding in the southwest as a matter of habit, or for special reasons, does so with the hopes of experiencing the thrill of the open road. Most riders enter into it with at least some knowledge of the risks involved, and no one sets out with the … Read the rest

5 do-it-yourself Tractor Trailer Repairs

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If you are an owner operator then the economy has hit you harder than company drivers. In times of ever rising fuel prices and driving rates that go down by the day, it’s important to save some cash anyway you can. There are some really simple tractor trailer repairs and maintenance that you can do yourself and effectively cut your costs.

1. Changing Oil
Changing oil is about the easiest maintenance that you can do yourself and it can save you a bunch of money in the long haul. This will add more years to the life of your engine and will save you the money it cost to have … Read the rest