Perfect Map Gifts

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When it comes to buying presents, many people freeze up in fear . They want to find the perfect gift for the recipient– not something that will get a fake smile and be cast aside. They want to find a gift that will be appreciated, remembered, and utilized or enjoyed. The ideal gift would be one that the person didn’t even know they wanted but instantly recognizes as something that can’t live without.

A map or a globe may turn out to be just that gift — if enough care is taken in selecting it.

Shoppers should start by thinking about the interests and background of the friend or family member who would receive the map. Someone with a strong connection to and fond memories of a specific period of their life might love to have a map that reminds them of that time. Think how much a former Peace Corp member would love a framed map of the country in which they served.

Maps can be personalized to make special gifts. This may be as simple as having a Hawaii Wall Map customized with the names of a couple and their wedding date to commemorate their honeymoon. It could also mean spending extra money to have a map made that centers around a specific person — with significant places from their life highlighted. It is also possible to buy a general purpose map and manually note important locations.

An educational map puzzle can be a great gift for a child and an antique map is appropriate for art lovers. In fact, there probably is some type of map that would be the perfect gift for just about anyone.

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