Jesse James and Bank Safe Robberies

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There is a typical fascination for most people with villainous characters from our nation’s history. And the outlaw characters from the old West have a significant placement in our historical perspectives. Somehow, a few generations or a century or two can turn a despicable outlaw into a folk hero. This has certainly been the case with Jesse James, who was actually well on his way to becoming a legend in his own time. He remains one of the 19th century’s most famous bank and train robbers.

James was part of the James-Younger gang who robbed plenty of banks and trains in their time. And while some bank robbers would try and blast apart the safes , James and his gang members would typically hold the bank tellers at gun point and force them to open the safe. This was a much easier, if there was such a thing, way to rob the bank and was less likely to draw such overwhelming immediate attention.

This was also during a time when banks were robbed on a much more frequent basis. Today, the amount of security in place, as well as the sophistication of safe and vault technology makes the crime almost impossible to complete, much less get away with. In fact, most home safes will guarantee the security of individual property better than the early safe boxes available for the public good. Of course today’s weapons are also a lot more powerful. Fortunately, technology is on security’s side, and not only is our money well insured but the chances of it being robbed are almost non-existent.

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