So Your Kids Want a Swing Set

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Children are notorious for knowing what they want and going to great lengths to get it — only to tire of it and move on to the next thing. This can be financially stressful to parents, especially if the desire is for a bigger ticket item like a swing set, bicycle, or video game console. If your kids are insisting that they can’t live without a swing set, then you have some important things to take into consideration.

First, you need to realize that a swing set represents an ongoing responsibility for you and your spouse. You can’t just pay the bill, install the set and forget it. You will have to commit to monitoring use of the swings by your kids and their friends and to inspecting the set regularly to make sure it is safe. This means learning how to oil parts and replace cracked, broken, or worn out elements. You’ll also have to enforce safety rules, even if it makes you seem mean or unfair.

Actually shopping for a set can be a chore. Your kids will want to choose all sorts of swing set accessories and you’ll have to find a way to help them understand that there are limitations to what they can have. These may be financial constraints of staying in a budget or may have to do with the space available in your yard. You’ll also have to weigh the safety ratings and durability of different sets against the preferences of your children until you can find the set that is both safe and fun.

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