Staying Safe with Hands Free Devices

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Truck drivers have a lot of responsibility to keep the roads safe. Not only do they have the responsibility to get from point A to point B safely, but also to get the goods that they are delivering there on time. Without truck drivers, the shelves at the grocery stores would be empty and items wouldn’t be delivered or available when needed. Truck drivers are the backbone of society in many ways. They allow one to live their live as they wish, with the ability to go to the store and pick up a few items when they are needed.

Some states are making it illegal for truck drivers to talk on the phone while driving. This is going to make a tough job even harder. As many truck drivers will tell you, their cell phones are their link to the world. Many drivers have families that they don’t get to see or say goodnight to every night. While they are torn between having to make a living and balancing their home lives, many have been forced to ignore their families at times because they weren’t allowed to talk on the phone. Many drivers will agree that being able to keep both their hands on the wheel at all times would be optimum but they also realize that they need to be able to communicate with the world outside their truck cab. Not only being able to use the phone, but also turn the radio station to be able to keep up with weather conditions, or road closings.

There are many different bluetooth devices that truck drivers should take advantage of to be able to keep the roads safe for everyone while still staying in touch with coworkers, family and friends. Many companies offer a variety of hands free phones that truck drivers should take advantage of to be able to make their deliveries in a timely fashion, while still being able to make those important phone calls to the ones they love.

When looking for a Bluetooth device, there are few things that need to be taken into consideration. Some devices are better at noise canceling than others. Look for one that is recommended for noisy situations so that you will not only be able to hear the person on the other end, but also be heard. The other thing that you are going to look for in a bluetooth device is how it can be utilized. Some clip on the visor of the truck, while others are worn over your ear. Think about how you would be most comfortable using the device and then pick one that would best fit your needs.

While looking for hands free phone devices, don’t over look hands free radios. These too are beginning to become a popular choice as it allows drivers to change radio stations while keeping both hands on the wheel at all times. Remember there is a lot of power behind each one of those wheels and with a lot of power comes a lot of responsibilities for yourself and others on the road.


Carol Taylor is a contributing writer for, a site which offers a variety of new and used truck options for those in the trucking business.

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