Where Can Women Buy and Sell Used Wedding Dresses?

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Planning for a wedding encompasses a lot of details. A bride’s biggest decision to make is the dress she is going to wear on her big day. Unfortunately, wedding gowns can be extremely expensive, costing thousands of dollars for something a bride will wear for a few hours. Choosing to purchase a used wedding gown can save a lot of money. You can also sell your wedding dress instead of having it preserved and stored in your basement, where it likely will never be seen again. Some locations that girls can buy and sell used wedding dresses include:

Consignment shops. Consignment shops can be found in almost every city and town. The process of working with these shops requires you to take your wedding dress in so they can look at it and determine its value. The shop will decide how much they could ticket the dress for and they will offer you a percentage of that price if it sells. Sometimes a consignment shop will pay you upfront for your dress and worry about selling it later, while others require you to leave your name and contact information. They will contact you whenever it sells and you can come pick up the money. If it doesn’t sell in a set amount of time the shop will either ask you to drop the price or pick up the item. You can also purchase a used wedding dress from a consignment shop at a very fair price. This allows you to see the dress in person, try it on and decide whether or not it’s something you like.

Online. The internet is a great place to purchase or sell used wedding dresses. With sites like eBay, online consignment shops and even websites dedicated to buying and selling used wedding dresses, the options are endless as to where you can buy or sell your dress. Some sites will charge a fee, especially those that utilize a bidding process to sell items, but others will buy your dress straight up. If you are purchasing a dress you will usually have to pay shipping and possibly insurance to confirm that the dress arrives undamaged.

Wedding boutiques. Local wedding dress shops carry the latest and greatest wedding dress designs on the market but sometimes they will also have used dresses stashed away for brides who ask for them. The best way to find a boutique or store that buys and sells gowns is to call around and ask individual stores. If the location you call doesn’t necessarily buy or sell used wedding dresses, they may know where you can look instead.

Thrift shops. Some of the best deals can be found at a local thrift shop or community donation center. If you are looking for a used wedding dress, you may want to spend a day visiting some of the shops in your area. You can also call around and ask if there is anything currently in the store before heading out there. If nothing is currently available but you have some time before the wedding, you may want to leave your name and number and ask that the store notifies you if something happens to come in.

Purchasing or selling a used wedding dress can be a big money saver. While a bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, when that day comes to an end, the dress will never be worn again. To minimize the money spent, taking advantage of these places you can buy or sell to can be a great option.

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