Canadians Focus on Higher Education for Women

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The women and the girls are not alone in Victoria, Canada. When moving to a new city or new country there are many things to consider such as job opportunities, safety. Apartment rentals Victoria BC has a solution which was set in place by a few women almost one hundred years ago, and that is the Canadian Federation of University Women . Now this organization has more than two hundred and fifty members, all of whom meet to support each other and to find that support when they themselves need it the most. The club focuses on women and girls obtaining experience in higher education and on women’s rights issues, but also provides a lot of support in friendship and activities that provide fun and relaxation as well.

This is an ongoing and consistent kind of support system as meetings are held each month without fail. Not only are there these standard meetings but each neighborhood holds meetings within the various communities as well. With over 40 interest groups that include book clubs, hiking, social issues, culture and the arts, and investment advice, the women of Victoria find the support they need to become and to continue to be active and viable in their community as well as becoming all that they are meant to be individually. This is not only a positive community aspect, but also serves as an essential role mole for the rest of progressive societies. Recognizing the significance women have on culture is something that began in the 20th Century and is becoming fully realized in this one.

To make the choice to move to Victoria and rent Starlight homes means that one will be moving up and forward in their lives. The CFUW also offers grants and scholarships to girls and women who are looking to further their learning and their educational goals. This fund started in 1919, with a total some of fifty dollars. Now, almost one hundred years later the club has been given numerous awards and recognition for their philanthropic achievements. All of this takes planning and a looking towards the future…40 years ago they began planning for today, by setting up a sub-division called the Scholarship and Bursary Society. The goal was to make certain that this kind of support would continue, and it has. All donations and collections from fundraising events over the years was put into a fund, invested then, so that they can invest in the women of today.

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