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A Girl’s Guide to Apartment Hunting

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In decades past it was quite the norm for young women to live at home until they got married. At which point they would move in with their husband. Society has changed a lot over the years and it is now very common for girls to move out shortly after high school either to go to college or experience some independence before they settle down. Whatever the reason for moving out , whether on your own or with friends, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Location is key in real estate. Think about the places you spend most of your time, where you work, and where … Read the rest

Scottsdale: A Shopper’s Dream

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If you’re a shop-a-holic, or even just like to window shop with your credit card safely stored in your back pocket, you should consider Scottsdale, Arizona for your next vacation destination. Often called the “South Beach” of the Southwest, Scottsdale has plenty of exciting shopping to offer, plus a buzzing night scene, many fabulous hotels, and a good chance of running into your favorite celebrity.


Scottsdale, Arizona was founded in 1868, when Jack Swilling founded his Swilling Irrigation Canal Company. The real influx of white settlers didn’t start until nearly twenty years later, when the Scott brothers began to encourage families from Phoenix to move to “Orangedale”–as it was then … Read the rest

A Woman in San Diego

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San Diego is a wonderful place for a vacation.  It is one of my favorite places to visit.  It has fantastic weather, lots of interesting places to visit, a rich history, and lots of beach attractions.  It is also on the border with Mexico which makes for a great day out.  As well as lots of outdoor attractions there is also lots of shopping opportunities along with great bars and restaurants.

Two world famous attractions are the San Diego Zoo and Sea World.  The zoo has many attractions with opportunities to see some rare animals.  Sea World is ideal for children and includes lots of exciting rides and extravagant aquatic … Read the rest

5 Important Decisions Parents Make Before the Baby is Born

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Welcoming a baby into your life is a very exciting time yet a time filled with concerns, fears and decisions. Not only do you have to make decisions such as whether you will use pacifiers, or what type of diapers you will use — you will face decisions that are much more serious such as cord blood banking.

Five important decisions you will make before the baby is born are:

1. Names – On the surface this does not seem to be a decision that scoots to the 5 important decisions, however, you must keep a few things in mind when deciding on your child’s … Read the rest

Best Apps for Money Savvy Moms

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There are plenty of ways to save money- coupons, sales, buying in bulk. But Apple brings to you a whole new level of money saving. With apps that are downloaded by millions of users per day, it’s guaranteed you would benefit from them as well of the rest of the Apple community. The majority of the best apps that can help you save and organize your spending are free.

Economy Shopping Lite App for iPhone- An app that’s absolutely free- yet absolutely amazing. It replaces your old pen and paper shopping list, and even better, it will tell you in what store the item is being sold for the … Read the rest

How Coupons Can Help Mother’s Save Money on All Aspects of Family Life

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Raising a family in today’s economy can be a challenging task for families of all sizes. Mothers have their work cut out for them when it comes to maneuvering within tighter budgets. Utilizing coupons or coupon codes can help to alleviate the stress of raising children and also makes each dollar stretch further.

Moms can get the most out of coupons by diversifying their use. Traditionally, coupons were utilized exclusively for food and household items, but today there are coupons for virtually all aspects of living. For example, there are coupons for travel, restaurants, entertainment, clothing, school supplies and much more. Some … Read the rest