Daily Archive: November 1, 2011

Best Apps for Money Savvy Moms

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There are plenty of ways to save money- coupons, sales, buying in bulk. But Apple brings to you a whole new level of money saving. With apps that are downloaded by millions of users per day, it’s guaranteed you would benefit from them as well of the rest of the Apple community. The majority of the best apps that can help you save and organize your spending are free.

Economy Shopping Lite App for iPhone- An app that’s absolutely free- yet absolutely amazing. It replaces your old pen and paper shopping list, and even better, it will tell you in what store the item is being sold for the … Read the rest

How Coupons Can Help Mother’s Save Money on All Aspects of Family Life

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Raising a family in today’s economy can be a challenging task for families of all sizes. Mothers have their work cut out for them when it comes to maneuvering within tighter budgets. Utilizing coupons or coupon codes can help to alleviate the stress of raising children and also makes each dollar stretch further.

Moms can get the most out of coupons by diversifying their use. Traditionally, coupons were utilized exclusively for food and household items, but today there are coupons for virtually all aspects of living. For example, there are coupons for travel, restaurants, entertainment, clothing, school supplies and much more. Some … Read the rest