5 Important Decisions Parents Make Before the Baby is Born

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Welcoming a baby into your life is a very exciting time yet a time filled with concerns, fears and decisions. Not only do you have to make decisions such as whether you will use pacifiers, or what type of diapers you will use — you will face decisions that are much more serious such as cord blood banking.

Five important decisions you will make before the baby is born are:

1. Names – On the surface this does not seem to be a decision that scoots to the 5 important decisions, however, you must keep a few things in mind when deciding on your child’s name. Can the name be shortened in any way to create teasing? How about the initials? Darryl Owen Gibney might seem fine on first glance, but the initials create DOG which could also result in hardship as the child grows.

2. Baby Equipment – Refuse the temptation to buy baby equipment solely based on looks and appearance or a color scheme. Check the safety ratings of the car seat you will be using. Each car seat is rated for safety.

3. Banking You Child’s Cord Blood – Cord blood is retained after your baby is born and is collected via the umbilical cord and placenta. Choosing the right cord blood bank can be a huge decision for you and you’re your baby.

As parents we hope and pray our child will never face a serious medical condition but the truth remains that children face these illnesses each and every day. By saving your child’s cord blood, you are saving stem cells that will be a perfect match for your child should he face a medical condition that can utilize the stored stem cells.

Additionally, research continues on cord blood and stem cells. In the future, stem cells may be used for a much wider range of medical conditions. Perhaps one day an organ can be grown from these stem cells.

4. Banking – The cost of raising a child and college education continues to rise. Decide on the type of account for your child, and determine a set amount to deposit on a regular basis.

5. Immunizations – The first immunizations will be given to your baby before he leaves the hospital.  Research the pros and cons of immunization and determine the course your family will take prior to the birth so you are prepared when the immunizations are offered.

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