Best Apps for Money Savvy Moms

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There are plenty of ways to save money- coupons, sales, buying in bulk. But Apple brings to you a whole new level of money saving. With apps that are downloaded by millions of users per day, it’s guaranteed you would benefit from them as well of the rest of the Apple community. The majority of the best apps that can help you save and organize your spending are free.

Economy Shopping Lite App for iPhone- An app that’s absolutely free- yet absolutely amazing. It replaces your old pen and paper shopping list, and even better, it will tell you in what store the item is being sold for the cheapest. It helps you stay organized, and can definitely help you save money.

BillMinder App for iPhone- At the cost of $1.99, it’s completely worth every penny. An app that teaches you how to handle your spending. It lists all the bills you have to pay for the month, and places a check or X next to it, showing whether or not it has been paid already. Amazingly enough, it even manages the money you have left in your bank account. It alerts you when you are in risk of low balance or going into overdraft, until your next payday.

Coupon Sherpa Mobile for iPhone- Talk about technology! This app not only helps you keep organized, save money, and get great use out of tons of coupons, but it even uses the GPS services on your smartphone to locate where you are, and find the closet (and cheapest) place to buy your desired project. It has a feature that lets you favorite certain stores that you like, and arranges the coupons based on your liking of each store.

Pennies App for iPhone- For $2.99, some people hesitate to buy it, but that doesn’t stop it from it’s position in the most downloaded money saving Apps for iPhones. With the Pennies App, you enter your monthly budget. For those of you who wonder “where all the money goes,” this app is perfect for you! Whenever you’re confused, refer back to the app and it will tell you (penny by penny…) where and how you spent your money. It even sorts out what most of your money is spent on, with a feature called “Top Expenses.”

There are tons of money saving apps for iPad and iPhone, but these were a few of the most downloaded, and most helpful ones. Also, keep in mind that there are many other money saving options available, so be sure to check and be sure you are getting the best rates on your insurance with Policy Expert.

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