Monthly Archive: December 2011

Legal Resources and Domestic Violence

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Individuals refer to legal resources for various reasons. Some of them are personal relationship based, such as prenuptial agreements between intimate partners prior to marriage, or restraining services after the relationship has fallen apart. This does not mean to imply a flippant attitude toward domestic violence and its associated life trauma and transition circumstances, but to emphasize that the need for legal services in this area is strong and is also available as a necessary option. Domestic violence is a crime that occurs on a daily basis, in this country, one of which it is actually illegal, and the statistics demonstrate that we all know someone who has been the … Read the rest

Apartment Hunting for the Working Woman: Daniel Drimmer Sets the Bar High

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Finding an apartment can be a time-consuming and confusing task. Unfortunately, whether single, part of a couple, or head of a family, women are often left with the lion’s share of the work when it comes to finding a home. It is because women see a potential residence as a home and not just a place to sleep that makes the process even more difficult.

Over the last decade the internet has dramatically changed the way that people search for and choose a place to live. Daniel Drimmer has been a ground-breaking part of the evolution of residential real estate in Canada. Beginning … Read the rest

A Brief History of Solar Energy

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Think solar power is new? Think again.
As long as 2,300 years ago, people were trying to harness energy from the sun. Both ancient Greeks and tribes of Native Americans built houses into the sides of hills. This would heat the houses passively day and night; days as the sun shined overhead and nights, as the heat stored in the hills was released. About 2,000 years ago the Romans used glass panes in their windows to capture heat from the sun and heat their homes. They also erected the first houses made of panes of glass, similar to our modern greenhouses or conservatories, in order to sprout seeds and … Read the rest

Is There a Normative Gaze?

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The questions of media philosophers and cultural critics in the realm of gender and sexuality are rarely ever meant to have answers.  Narrative closure on any kind of discourse that’s describing enactions in action suggests a mistake or maladjustment somewhere along the way.  That certainly is holding true in terms of the notion of the “gaze.”  Based on the theories of Lacan, elaborated by Foucault, and utilized and further theorized by Laura Mulvey (among others), the “gaze” is a concept that quickly turns into a cipher.



It takes as its starting point the image, whether it’s a filmic image, one from live performance, or from the performance of … Read the rest