Apartment Hunting for the Working Woman: Daniel Drimmer Sets the Bar High

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Finding an apartment can be a time-consuming and confusing task. Unfortunately, whether single, part of a couple, or head of a family, women are often left with the lion’s share of the work when it comes to finding a home. It is because women see a potential residence as a home and not just a place to sleep that makes the process even more difficult.

Over the last decade the internet has dramatically changed the way that people search for and choose a place to live. Daniel Drimmer has been a ground-breaking part of the evolution of residential real estate in Canada. Beginning with his founding of Transglobe Property in 1994 through his formation of the new Starlight Apartments in 2011, Drimmer has been at the forefront of integrating new technologies to get the best information to anyone hunting for an apartment in the major cities of Canada.

Drimmer was one of the first to employ internet tools like virtual tours and interactive maps that are now staples of any rental real estate website. These tools are especially helpful for women who are searching for a new home. Maps provide a context for the potential apartment or condo, letting women see in an instant the neighborhood and community features of an area. Knowing where schools, community services, transportation, and shopping are in relationship to a potential apartment can help women quickly locate the best prospects for themselves and their families.

Video tours may seem cliche today, but when Drimmer and other digital pioneers first started using them, the internet was still in its infancy. Most tech-savy apartment hunters wouldn’t dream of setting an appointment to view a unit that they hadn’t already vetted through a virtual tour of both the specific unit and the property on which it sits. Originally these tours were simple floorplans intercut with still shots. Today, the best tours are professionally produced streaming video clips available for viewing on both computers and smart phones.

Another innovation of the internet is perfect for the busy 21st century women: online lease applications. It makes sense that after spending time doing research into neighborhoods, specific properties and viewing virtual tours of a place, that potential tenants should be able to submit their application online. Carving out time to visit a property in person is difficult enough. Having to make repeated trips to fill out applications, return forms, etc., is much more work than most women have time for. The ability to quickly fill out and submit the form online, as well as viewing digital copies of the lease agreement and other documentation, is a valuable time saver.

Real estate visionaries like Daniel Drimmer have made apartment hunting much more efficient and accessible. And that makes it so much easier for women to find, apply for, and acquire the perfect rental home.

Drimmer is also instrumental in the formation of Starlight Investments Ltd.

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  1. dave carnegie

    The economy has picked up and there’s more interest in people buying and selling these days. This seems to be the trend in Calgary. Like this site. Looking for ideas for my website to improve it myself.

  2. Seppp

    why online apartments price are higher ? :p

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