7 Fun Backyard Ideas for Kids

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In this day and age, children are more likely to stay indoors and get less exercise because of technology. Between television, video games, and portable electronic devices, there are few reasons that kids can see to go outside and play. Do you have a big backyard that your kids just seem to ignore?  If so, here are seven great ideas that can un-glue your children’s eyes from computer screens and get them playing in the backyard.

1. Swing-set: It is a staple at local parks, and even adults like to swing on them every once in awhile. It is great exercise for the legs, and it is nice on a hot day because of the breeze swinging creates.

2. Slide: A twisting spiral type of slide is the most fun, but a tall, straight slide can also create a momentary thrill. With the options in Swing Set Accessories, it’s easy to find something your kids will love!

3. Seesaw: This is of course best if you have at least two children who are rather close in age and size. It is much easier to play and balance that way.

4. Sandbox: These can get messy, but they can provide hours of fun. Add buckets, shovels, water, toy dump trucks, and sandcastle molds for the ultimate time-consuming outdoor activity. Just make sure they wash-up well when they come inside.
5. Trampoline: Jumping on a bed is fun, too, but a trampoline is much better. Your kids can go as high as they want without hitting the ceiling, breaking the bed frame, or getting into trouble. This is perfect for kids with a lot of energy.

6. Kiddy Pool: This is a seasonal item, but it can still be a worthy investment. It is a great way to cool off in the summer, and water toys make it fun.

7. Sports Equipment: A basketball hoop, volleyball net, and other sports equipment like balls, bats, and rackets can inspire your kids to develop their athletic skills.

Even if you just add one or two of these things to your back yard, it can almost certainly get your kids outside, for at least a little while. Having a visual reminder, like a swing-set or a trampoline, can keep the idea in that back of their minds: Yes, there are ways to have fun outside that don’t involve electronics.

Give your kids a reason to put down those video games!

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  1. Lana

    If you’re going to get a kiddie pool, make sure to get something that’s somewhat high quality. It’s a great investment, until it breaks and water floods your yard!

  2. Maria Welter

    Bed frames that are made from aluminum or bronze are also great since they have that elegant finish. I always use them at home. ‘”..;

    Warm regards

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