Texas Being Sued Over Women’s Health Legislation

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Health care has been a hot topic for debate in the last couple years, especially with the passage of Obamacare . While most of the debate has been at a national level, individual states are dealing with their own healthcare issues. Today Planned Parenthood announced that they have filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas because of legislation passed in the 2011 session barring Planned Parenthood from receiving funding through the Women’s Health Program.

The Women’s Health program, which does get money from the federal government, provides birth control and other health services for women on Medicaid. The program does not however provide funds for abortions or abortion referrals. Because the program does receive funding from the federal government, the Department of Health and Human Services is involved as well. For more information you can read the full article here .

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  1. Kenty

    There is a great deal of discussion being held on women health and welfare. But its often tough to sort out the issues. It’s a serious issue and we need to be aware of.

  2. linda

    A health care reform should support a woman, rather than hurting. I think, a proper a healthcare debate is necessary to solve women’s problems and health issues. It’s a national issue and government must re-design its policies.

  3. Dona Vanyo

    womens health should be given more priority since the reproductive parts of the female is more prone to disease as they age. .”**`

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