National Women’s Health Week, May 13-19

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With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday it’s time once again for National Women’s Health Week. It’s easy for women, especially moms, to put the needs of others before their own; particularly in regards to health. But for one week each year it’s time to put ourselves first, make our health a priority and start fresh with a clean bill of health.

States and cities across the country are hosting events and activities to help women get their health back on track. The Oklahoma State Department of Health is focusing on the high obesity statistics by encouraging women to eat right and exercise. They are also focusing on maintaining good health particularly before and during pregnancy to help ensure a healthy baby. They aren’t the only ones. Other cities and organizations are focusing on other areas of health such as arthritis , menopause, and even sexual health.

Letting your health fall to wayside is easy to do but for the sake of yourself and your family it’s important to address areas of concern, seek treatment when necessary, and take the steps you need to in order to live a healthy emotional life as well as physical life.

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  1. Katty

    Since it’s a special week, we must celebrate the week in a healthy way. We can start with a healthy food chart apart from our same old cereals and toast. For a special addition, join a yoga class or a gym.

  2. Jenny

    Wow! It’s a nice post. Women health issues deserve some special consideration. It can be heart health, bone health and sexual health. Being a woman I do feel, that e must take care of us. We need some extra nutrition, extra health care and extra focus on ourselves.

  3. Eva

    It is not just what we intake, but how we eat. Women should avoid the foods that raise risk factors. Hence, quality of food is important. We must consider the iron factor, folic acid factor and immunity factor while consuming foods. I think, its not just for a week, but must be followed always.

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