The Struggle of Women in Rehab

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Drug addiction comes in many forms, from the illegal narcotics to the abuse of prescribed medication. This form of addiction usually masks many other painful problems, especially for women. 70% of women who abuse drugs have a history of sexual or physical abuse. These problems make rehab a compound problem complicated by other emotional trauma. Not only that, but women are often the primary caregivers and have jobs where the temptation of using drugs can become overbearing.

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Women who have problems with drug addiction often suffer from other problems. Mood disorders such as anxiety and depression are common among these women, likely due to past traumas that they did not want to deal with fully. This is how a cycle of use emerges and the women become reliant on drugs to numb the pain of their mood disorders.

This is not a hopeless scenario, but rehab must treat more than the main symptom. This means that therapy is often a vital part of treatment. Studies have shown that women who are treated for both their mood problem and drug addiction are more likely to succeed after rehab. These women are able to rebuild their lives and become productive members of society.

Rehab With Kids in Tow

Some drug rehab programs cater specifically to women who are pregnant or have children (click here to locate such programs). If the woman still still has kids, programs may also allow the children to get treated for the emotionally problems associated with their mother’s addiction. This allows for a fuller recovery process and addresses the needs of the child or children.

In some cases, mothers may have lost custody of their children and lack the means to support them financially or emotionally. In that case, there are visitation options that rehab facilities provide. Once the mother has undergone treatment the center might be able to recommend that custody is at least partially restored or that she is given visitation rights.

Avoiding Temptation

Some women took to drugs because they were readily available in their chosen profession. Nurses are faced with prescription medication on a daily basis. This can prove too much for those recovering from addiction. Women who have had problems with drug addiction should try to avoid these professions. However, if it is absolutely necessary for them to work in these jobs, then a support group should be attended weekly and a sponsor and counselor consulted when temptation is at hand.

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