Women’s Favorite Five Health and Fitness Apps

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The first few months of the year are a time of focus on health for many women. The catalyst for this focus is those New Year’s resolutions. While resolutions to lose weight, get healthy, or shape-up are nothing new, what is new is how women are approaching their resolutions.

Women still focus on diet and exercise, but widely available technology now plays a large role. Apps on smartphones, tablets, and even computers help women stay on track, meet goals, and learn news ways to shape-up. Here are some of the top health and fitness apps women are using:

  1.  MyFitnessPal
    The most popular use for this app is counting calories. With over 2 million foods in its database, all she needs to do is input her food and the app tracks it for her. The app also offers an exercise tracking function and tutorials on over 350 exercises. The best part is that women can share their diets, routines, goals, and success with friends to increase success.
  2. WebMD
    Women like to use WebMD to understand their unique conditions. Ladies who suffer from conditions such as diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions, and other conditions that can be managed through wellness routines enjoy access to detailed information at their fingertips.
  3. Exercise Buddy
    This app focuses on helping women manage exercise routines. It includes over 1000 HD videos and over 1700 exercise tutorials. In addition, it contains over 75 pre-created workout routines that target specific needs and equipment. Exercise Buddy also includes body metrics tracking with intuitive graph interface so that ladies can see their results.
  4. Daily Ab Workout
    Strong, toned abs are easier to get with this app guiding the workout. The app is designed to offer women a quick, convenient way to focus on their cores. Ab workouts are presented with video instructions and timers.
  5. VirtualGym
    This app features 3D animations and a virtual personal trainer to help women learn how to maximize their exercise routines. Includes over 400 exercises, 100 workouts, and badges and points to celebrate achievements. The app includes a calendar to assist with planning and tracking.

Women (and men) are enjoying the convenience of health and fitness apps. With the swipe of a thumb, they are tracking their diets, managing workouts, learning new exercises and sharing successes with friends. The entire health and fitness industry benefits greatly during the first few months of every year, and this year. Mobile apps greatly benefited in 2013 thanks to women seeking new ways to approach their New Year’s resolutions.

Louise Simpson is a fitness writer who used to be a computer programmer.  She likes to write about health and technology for not only health blogs, but for software sites like http://www.contacttracking.com/.

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  1. Ashleigh

    I’m looking to lose weight, but I never thought about a fitness app to get me there. Great idea. I’ll have to try one.

  2. Workout Woman

    My favorite fitness app is Exercise Buddy. It’s good to get info on different workouts in HD. I also like apps that help track your progress. I see lots of people posting things w/their apps via Twitter. Interesting.

  3. triv

    I like my cell phone and all, but a phone can’t replace a real workout buddy. I think my best friend is my best workout companion.

  4. Marva G

    I’ve tried a couple, but WebMD is mega popular. I like using it for health conditions.

  5. Fittie

    I’m trying to lose a good 20 pounds this year. It seems like a lot at once, but a couple pounds month isn’t too bad.

  6. cherry

    My app helped motivate me to get back into the skinny jeans. Size 4 and loving it! So happy!!!! My boyfriend loves my newfound confidence. And I do too.

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