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Betty Boop, Sadie Hawkins and Cinderella

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Of the three women, Sadie Hawkins, Betty Boop or Cinderella, which would be more likely to know how to fix her own rims and tires ? How to change the oil in her car, or even just simply check the oil? Which one would know when it is time to switch the windshield wiper blades or when to have her car tuned up? Myths and stories that children grow up with can have a lasting effect on the way girls feel about themselves and the women they grow up to be. Not only this, but they have an effect on how they may be perceived throughout their life.

The … Read the rest

5 Of the Best Fun Finger Foods for Road Trip Snacks

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Road trips can be a fun, family-bonding experience, but they can also feel hectic. If you need to get to your destination in a hurry, or want to avoid the unhealthy snacks lurking off of every highway exit, it may be best to pack some fun snacks from your own kitchen.

1. Peanut Butter “Quesadilla”
The first snack is a peanut butter “quesadilla.” Spread a generous amount of peanut butter on one side of a tortilla. This snack is especially fun, and convenient, since you use whatever you might happen to have in the kitchen. Some good topping ideas would be raisins, chocolate chips, … Read the rest

Women and Stress

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One of the worst things about this modern and fast paced world is that many people now are feeling the effects of being just too stressed out. This is not only an uncomfortable experience but long term stress will cause a myriad of health problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety, belly fat and problems with sleeping .  There are ways though, that many people are gaining a handle on this through relaxation techniques.  These techniques are essential in one’s quest for overall optimal health is increasing the quality of life for many people.

Even when your stress is under control, finding ways to relax should still be a practice in everyday … Read the rest

Understanding Singapore’s Wedding Rules and Regulations

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Getting married in Singapore is easy and simple once you understand the requirements, rules and information for weddings and marriages in Singapore. Once you have these down, then it will be a breeze to pick a wedding venue Singapore offers its newlyweds.

Everything you need to know about getting married in Singapore is available on-line at the Registry of Marriages (ROM). Any marriage taking place in Singapore, and a few that don’t, must be registered with the ROM. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

First, choose your location: If you plan to have the solemnisation outside of the ROM, then you must choose your own … Read the rest