Monthly Archive: June 2013

What Women Care About

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Women talkingIt sounds like a variation of the old lament by men that they can’t figure out what women want. It is, however, a much more serious concern.  Figuring out what issues and activities matter to the contemporary woman is important to politicians, yes, but it also matters to government agencies, universities and other educational institutions, non-profit organizations and it should even matter to corporations and churches as they attempt to connect with women employees, customers, and congregationalists.

In 2013 there are any number of issues that matter to American women.  According to NOW (the National Organization for Women) there are six priority issues:

  • Abortion Rights/Reproductive Issues
  • Violence Against Women
  • Constitutional Equality
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Alternative Remedies for Arthritis Pain

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As you age, it is natural for your activity level to decrease and for aches and pains to develop. Some pain is normal, but stiffness and pain felt around one or more joints can be a sign that inflammation has settled in and symptoms of arthritis have begun. If you are one of the estimated 50 million Americans with arthritis, try one of these alternative remedies for pain before taking a prescription medicine.


  • arthritis painFish oil contains omega-3 fatty acid, which reduces inflammation and morning stiffness. These acids are found in fish such as mackerel and salmon.
  • Glucosamine relieves pain, increases joint mobility and reduces deterioration of cartilage. A study
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