Family Time and Logic Games for Children

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The field of logic is a fascinating study area for many students that serves them well past their educational period and into their professional life. Logic is its own area and is strongly related to many careers including law, philosophy, social sciences and beyond. And developing strong logical skills in your children is one of the best tools you can give them, and can also be quite fun and intellectually, as well as creatively, stimulating.

family timeYou don’t have to wait until your children are in college or taking advanced classes to give them a boost in logical deduction, thinking and analysis. It’s easy to structure some dinner discussions, family games and/or activities around logic. There are plenty of great logic puzzles that will stimulate their thought processes, logical perspectives and mentality. These games and puzzles can focus on pets, topics like dinosaurs, names, states, etc. and most of them can be personalized for your child or children and their specific interests.

For instance, if you have a cat, dog and a bird in the family home and three children, you can secretly assign a pet to each child. Create a graph that lists the children’s names on the down column and pets names across the top. Then let your children fill in the boxes according to specific statements you provide. For example, you can say, Bob’s (insert name of child) pet doesn’t bark. That will eliminate the dog from Bob’s possibilities. Continue with comments that serve as clues to which pet belongs to whom, such as Sue’s pet can’t fly and Mary’s and Bob’s pet doesn’t purr. The children should ex out each box that eliminates a specific pet from their name. This goes on until one of the children figures out which pet belongs to whom.

This is an example of a fun and easy, as well as easily guided and created, logic puzzle for children. There are plenty of study guides, resource tools and other online options for creating others. And as your children’s skills develop further you can increase the complexity and difficulty level accordingly. This also contributes to family dynamics and connections and can be fun and even enriching for parents. One of the great bonuses of raising children is the opportunity to expand your own knowledge. It’s also one of the best ways to build strong family bonds. And providing your children with solid skills at an early age is one of the best advantages you can give them in preparing for adulthood.

Kerri Pierce is a writer and blogger who studied childhood development. She writes about parenting and education for a sites like as well as dozens of blogs.

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