Going Overseas for Breast Reduction

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Women seeking breast reduction surgery have more options today than they would have a decade ago.  This is due partly to the improved technology and surgical procedures, but also because of the spread of medical tourism.  As more and more hospitals around the world offer affordable surgery, more and more women are seeking relief instead of learning to deal with the problems associated with over-sized breasts.

A Real Problem

Female_breasts_75dMany women mistakenly see large breasts as a blessing, but those who live with them on a daily basis would disagree.  The most obvious problems seem minor. Large breasts can interfere with daily activities, make it difficult to buy clothing that fits properly, and can make women feel extremely self-conscious.  Spending several thousand dollars to improve self-esteem may seem like a luxury, but there are more serious problems involved.

The poor posture that is common in big-breasted women can lead to severe shoulder and back pain. Ongoing stress and strain on those areas sometimes results in tears and rips in the shoulders and disc problems with the spine. Over-sized breasts can interfere with breathing leading to respiratory distress and strain.  Lastly, the risk of skin and fungal infections is greatly increased for these women.

By reducing the mass and surface area of the breasts, all of these problems are significantly reduced or actually eliminated. Learn more about the actual surgery here.

Cost & Care

As an elective surgery, breast reduction does not qualify under most health insurance plans.  This means that women have to pay the medical bills themselves, including doctors, medications, and hospital fees.  In the US, that averages around $7,500 – $10,000.  That’s a hefty sum when added to lost wages and recovery time.

By becoming a medical tourist, patients can save anywhere from 25-85% of that cost, depending on which country and hospital they choose.  That savings can easily cover the cost of travel, making the surgery suddenly affordable for more women.  As a bonus, they get to recover in exotic locations, usually at a spa hotel that has a relationship with the chosen hospital.

As an example, a breast reduction in Spain might cost $4,500. Add in $1400 for travel and accommodations and the total cost is only $5,900.  So the patient in question saves at least $1,600 and gets a trip to Spain in the bargain!

Here are the savings at some of the more popular destinations for breast reduction surgery:

  • Brazil – save 20 – 30%
    Singapore – save 25 – 40%
    Mexico – save 40 – 65%
    Costa Rica – save 45 – 65%
    Thailand – save 50 – 75%
    Malaysia – save 65 – 85%

Other countries offering low prices include Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, India, Japan, and Argentina.

Sunset at the Ao Nang beach / Thailand / Ao Nang / 23.01.2011Another factor in the rise of medical tourism for breast reduction is the rise in quality of care.  Many countries have invested heavily in improving their medical facilities with modern equipment. The creation of international standards of care and ratings for doctors, clinics, and hospitals has made it easier for women to obtain high quality care in a number of countries.

The staff in these hospitals and clinics are receiving the best training.  A large number of foreign doctors come to the US for training and then return home to practice and train others.  In addition, American hospitals and universities are partnering with foreign medical facilities which means that the staff, facilities, and equipment will match or exceed that in the average US hospital.

It’s no wonder that more and more women are using medical tourism sites like surgeonabroad.com to research and plan their breast reduction surgery.

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