Transvaginal Mesh Dangers

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Transvaginal mesh (TVM) implants are medical devices that have been used to help women suffering from medical conditions such as stress urinary incontinence (SUI) & pelvic organ prolapse (POP).  The mesh is surgically implanted and used to strengthen the natural body tissue.  It can be made of either synthetic or natural material.  This treatment can help patients with the symptoms caused by POP and SUI.

Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is a fairly common condition and happens when the muscles that hold the pelvic organs in place become stretched. This causes the pelvic organs such as the bladder, bowel or uterus to bulge down into the vagina area.

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) causes … Read the rest

Alternative Remedies for Arthritis Pain

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As you age, it is natural for your activity level to decrease and for aches and pains to develop. Some pain is normal, but stiffness and pain felt around one or more joints can be a sign that inflammation has settled in and symptoms of arthritis have begun. If you are one of the estimated 50 million Americans with arthritis, try one of these alternative remedies for pain before taking a prescription medicine.


  • arthritis painFish oil contains omega-3 fatty acid, which reduces inflammation and morning stiffness. These acids are found in fish such as mackerel and salmon.
  • Glucosamine relieves pain, increases joint mobility and reduces deterioration of cartilage. A study
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Women and Stress

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One of the worst things about this modern and fast paced world is that many people now are feeling the effects of being just too stressed out. This is not only an uncomfortable experience but long term stress will cause a myriad of health problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety, belly fat and problems with sleeping .  There are ways though, that many people are gaining a handle on this through relaxation techniques.  These techniques are essential in one’s quest for overall optimal health is increasing the quality of life for many people.

Even when your stress is under control, finding ways to relax should still be a practice in everyday … Read the rest

Women’s Favorite Five Health and Fitness Apps

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The first few months of the year are a time of focus on health for many women. The catalyst for this focus is those New Year’s resolutions. While resolutions to lose weight, get healthy, or shape-up are nothing new, what is new is how women are approaching their resolutions.

Women still focus on diet and exercise, but widely available technology now plays a large role. Apps on smartphones, tablets, and even computers help women stay on track, meet goals, and learn news ways to shape-up. Here are some of the top health and fitness apps women are using:

  1.  MyFitnessPal
    The most popular use for this app is counting
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National Women’s Health Week, May 13-19

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With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday it’s time once again for National Women’s Health Week. It’s easy for women, especially moms, to put the needs of others before their own; particularly in regards to health. But for one week each year it’s time to put ourselves first, make our health a priority and start fresh with a clean bill of health.

States and cities across the country are hosting events and activities to help women get their health back on track. The Oklahoma State Department of Health is focusing on the high obesity statistics by encouraging women to eat right and exercise. They are also focusing on maintaining … Read the rest

Texas Being Sued Over Women’s Health Legislation

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Health care has been a hot topic for debate in the last couple years, especially with the passage of Obamacare . While most of the debate has been at a national level, individual states are dealing with their own healthcare issues. Today Planned Parenthood announced that they have filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas because of legislation passed in the 2011 session barring Planned Parenthood from receiving funding through the Women’s Health Program.

The Women’s Health program, which does get money from the federal government, provides birth control and other health services for women on Medicaid. The program does not however provide funds for abortions or … Read the rest

Keys to a Successful Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an exciting, joyous, emotionally charged time for new parents-to-be. It can also be a bit intimidating knowing that the health of your baby depends so much on how you take care of your own health. Most of the time, pregnancy goes smoothly for both mom and baby. To maximize your chances of a successful pregnancy, however, there are a few tips you should follow:

  • Early Medical Care. As soon as you find out you are pregnant, you should schedule an appointment with an OB/GYN. Studies have shown that women who obtain early pregnancy care have healthier babies.
  • Get Your Rest. Your body goes through an unbelievable amount of
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How to Raise a Daughter to Have Healthy Self Esteem

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Women have come a long way in modern culture and society. With the right encouragement and a drive to succeed, your daughter can grow up to be anything she wants. Unfortunately, women and girls tend to be on the losing side of the self-esteem battle and this is something many attribute to not only our society but the media’s pressure on women as well.

Self-esteem is related to how we feel about our bodies, our minds, and our place in the larger world. Girls’ self-worth generally peaks around nine or ten years old, but then it sharply declines when they hit their preteen and teenage … Read the rest

God’s Help for Depression

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What is Depression?

Depression is a state of mind in which one may feel down, sad, lonely and sometimes hopeless. There are millions of people in the world who suffer from depression on any given day. Everyone feels down from time to time, but sometimes feelings of depression can become so overwhelming they prevent you from living a normal and fulfilling life. If nothing is done to combat it, depression can go on for years totally destroying your spirit.

What Can be Done About Depression?

Common treatments for depression are therapy and medications. These can help but more often than not are just ways to cover up the depression but not … Read the rest