How to Save Money on Food

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grocery receiptBudget-minded families are always looking for ways to save money. Cutting the cost of things like gas, utilities, and, yes, food, translates into more money for bigger picture things. Rather than blowing your budget on food, you can redirect some of your income to things like retirement savings, college tuition, big purchases, or even vacation.

Most articles on saving money talk about using coupons and having a good strategy for shopping. Those are all good tips and can make a big difference in your monthly grocery bill. You can also save money if you change the way you think about food.

Make Your Own

Grocery aisles these days are … Read the rest

Scottsdale: A Shopper’s Dream

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If you’re a shop-a-holic, or even just like to window shop with your credit card safely stored in your back pocket, you should consider Scottsdale, Arizona for your next vacation destination. Often called the “South Beach” of the Southwest, Scottsdale has plenty of exciting shopping to offer, plus a buzzing night scene, many fabulous hotels, and a good chance of running into your favorite celebrity.


Scottsdale, Arizona was founded in 1868, when Jack Swilling founded his Swilling Irrigation Canal Company. The real influx of white settlers didn’t start until nearly twenty years later, when the Scott brothers began to encourage families from Phoenix to move to “Orangedale”–as it was then … Read the rest

How Coupons Can Help Mother’s Save Money on All Aspects of Family Life

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Raising a family in today’s economy can be a challenging task for families of all sizes. Mothers have their work cut out for them when it comes to maneuvering within tighter budgets. Utilizing coupons or coupon codes can help to alleviate the stress of raising children and also makes each dollar stretch further.

Moms can get the most out of coupons by diversifying their use. Traditionally, coupons were utilized exclusively for food and household items, but today there are coupons for virtually all aspects of living. For example, there are coupons for travel, restaurants, entertainment, clothing, school supplies and much more. Some … Read the rest

Where Can Women Buy and Sell Used Wedding Dresses?

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Planning for a wedding encompasses a lot of details. A bride’s biggest decision to make is the dress she is going to wear on her big day. Unfortunately, wedding gowns can be extremely expensive, costing thousands of dollars for something a bride will wear for a few hours. Choosing to purchase a used wedding gown can save a lot of money. You can also sell your wedding dress instead of having it preserved and stored in your basement, where it likely will never be seen again. Some locations that girls can buy and sell used wedding dresses include:

Consignment shops. Consignment shops can be found in … Read the rest

Perfect Map Gifts

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When it comes to buying presents, many people freeze up in fear . They want to find the perfect gift for the recipient– not something that will get a fake smile and be cast aside. They want to find a gift that will be appreciated, remembered, and utilized or enjoyed. The ideal gift would be one that the person didn’t even know they wanted but instantly recognizes as something that can’t live without.

A map or a globe may turn out to be just that gift — if enough care is taken in selecting it.

Shoppers should start by thinking about the interests and background of the friend or family member who … Read the rest