7 Fun Backyard Ideas for Kids

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In this day and age, children are more likely to stay indoors and get less exercise because of technology. Between television, video games, and portable electronic devices, there are few reasons that kids can see to go outside and play. Do you have a big backyard that your kids just seem to ignore?  If so, here are seven great ideas that can un-glue your children’s eyes from computer screens and get them playing in the backyard.

1. Swing-set: It is a staple at local parks, and even adults like to swing on them every once in awhile. It is great exercise for the legs, and it is nice on … Read the rest

Legal Resources and Domestic Violence

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Individuals refer to legal resources for various reasons. Some of them are personal relationship based, such as prenuptial agreements between intimate partners prior to marriage, or restraining services after the relationship has fallen apart. This does not mean to imply a flippant attitude toward domestic violence and its associated life trauma and transition circumstances, but to emphasize that the need for legal services in this area is strong and is also available as a necessary option. Domestic violence is a crime that occurs on a daily basis, in this country, one of which it is actually illegal, and the statistics demonstrate that we all know someone who has been the … Read the rest

Apartment Hunting for the Working Woman: Daniel Drimmer Sets the Bar High

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Finding an apartment can be a time-consuming and confusing task. Unfortunately, whether single, part of a couple, or head of a family, women are often left with the lion’s share of the work when it comes to finding a home. It is because women see a potential residence as a home and not just a place to sleep that makes the process even more difficult.

Over the last decade the internet has dramatically changed the way that people search for and choose a place to live. Daniel Drimmer has been a ground-breaking part of the evolution of residential real estate in Canada. Beginning … Read the rest

A Brief History of Solar Energy

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Think solar power is new? Think again.
As long as 2,300 years ago, people were trying to harness energy from the sun. Both ancient Greeks and tribes of Native Americans built houses into the sides of hills. This would heat the houses passively day and night; days as the sun shined overhead and nights, as the heat stored in the hills was released. About 2,000 years ago the Romans used glass panes in their windows to capture heat from the sun and heat their homes. They also erected the first houses made of panes of glass, similar to our modern greenhouses or conservatories, in order to sprout seeds and … Read the rest

Is There a Normative Gaze?

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The questions of media philosophers and cultural critics in the realm of gender and sexuality are rarely ever meant to have answers.  Narrative closure on any kind of discourse that’s describing enactions in action suggests a mistake or maladjustment somewhere along the way.  That certainly is holding true in terms of the notion of the “gaze.”  Based on the theories of Lacan, elaborated by Foucault, and utilized and further theorized by Laura Mulvey (among others), the “gaze” is a concept that quickly turns into a cipher.



It takes as its starting point the image, whether it’s a filmic image, one from live performance, or from the performance of … Read the rest

A Girl’s Guide to Apartment Hunting

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In decades past it was quite the norm for young women to live at home until they got married. At which point they would move in with their husband. Society has changed a lot over the years and it is now very common for girls to move out shortly after high school either to go to college or experience some independence before they settle down. Whatever the reason for moving out , whether on your own or with friends, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Location is key in real estate. Think about the places you spend most of your time, where you work, and where … Read the rest

Tips To Buying Real Estate in 2012 – What Buyers Should Know

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It’s been a tough few years in the Real Estate business.  Home prices continue to lag behind their previously high values.  Many prospective home buyers have been reluctant to start the buying process because they’re not sure if the market has hit the bottom yet. They continue to take a wait and see attitude.

But now really is a  good time to buy.  Home prices in many areas have started to rise.  The number of foreclosures in many cities has started to fall as well.  Market by market, buyers have started to notice pockets or neighborhoods that have started to come back with … Read the rest

Canadians Focus on Higher Education for Women

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The women and the girls are not alone in Victoria, Canada. When moving to a new city or new country there are many things to consider such as job opportunities, safety. Apartment rentals Victoria BC has a solution which was set in place by a few women almost one hundred years ago, and that is the Canadian Federation of University Women . Now this organization has more than two hundred and fifty members, all of whom meet to support each other and to find that support when they themselves need it the most. The club focuses on women and girls obtaining experience in higher education and on women’s … Read the rest

Understanding Home Loan Costs

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Many of my friends have a good handle on the costs of running a household.  Food, meals, gas, are all costs we encounter on a weekly basis and items that we look towards when cutting back on our spending.  However these is one major expense that we give little thought towards.  And one that can potentially save as a lot of money.  That is the costs associated with a mortgage loan.  And there are many factors that make up the cost of a mortgage loan.  These include the cost of the property, the down payment, the closing costs, the total loan amount, the interest rate, the loan period etc.

The mortgage … Read the rest

Staying Safe with Hands Free Devices

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Truck drivers have a lot of responsibility to keep the roads safe. Not only do they have the responsibility to get from point A to point B safely, but also to get the goods that they are delivering there on time. Without truck drivers, the shelves at the grocery stores would be empty and items wouldn’t be delivered or available when needed. Truck drivers are the backbone of society in many ways. They allow one to live their live as they wish, with the ability to go to the store and pick up a few items when they are needed.

Some states are making it illegal for truck … Read the rest