Images of Anorexia

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The poweful video shows images on the skeletal bodies of annorexic women…The photos where a very skinny girl looks in the mirror and sees somebody fat are telliing and sad.  This awful disease is life threatening.  It is up to women everywhere to stand up for who we are and not what the media tells us we should be.

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  1. Annie

    It’s real sick to see super skinny women out there. The average women is a size 14. Much larger than most images we see on TV.

  2. Tyra Luv

    I like watching shows like America’s Next Top Model, but I wish they would have an ENTIRE SHOW devoted to plus-size modeling. It would be uplifting to see this

  3. Julia Reed

    Yeah, it’d be inspiring to see more plus-size models, but plus size is considered to be a size 8. Can you believe that? I’d kill to be that small.

  4. Xtina

    Dieting and exercise are necessary for good health. Take it easy and you’ll be OK.

  5. Nina

    I just try to eat right. Everything else will fall into place.

  6. effie

    I’m hoping to lose 35 pounds this year. I’m over 200 pounds and am in my mid-20’s. I hope to find a good workout and meal plan that suits my size.

  7. DD

    I struggled with an eating disorder growing up. I still watch my weight, but I am not nearly as self conscious about what I eat and I don’t exercise like I did. I’m a healthy Size 2.

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