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Helmets and Motorcycle Accidents

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There are perhaps more than two schools of thought when it comes to the wisdom of wearing a helmet or not. However, the arguments generally fall into two pretty distinct camps. One side argues that the statistics definitely show that wearing helmets do save lives, and the other side argues that it is a choice that should be entirely up to the rider.

Anyone riding in the southwest as a matter of habit, or for special reasons, does so with the hopes of experiencing the thrill of the open road. Most riders enter into it with at least some knowledge of the risks involved, and no one sets out with the … Read the rest

5 do-it-yourself Tractor Trailer Repairs

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If you are an owner operator then the economy has hit you harder than company drivers. In times of ever rising fuel prices and driving rates that go down by the day, it’s important to save some cash anyway you can. There are some really simple tractor trailer repairs and maintenance that you can do yourself and effectively cut your costs.

1. Changing Oil
Changing oil is about the easiest maintenance that you can do yourself and it can save you a bunch of money in the long haul. This will add more years to the life of your engine and will save you the money it cost to have … Read the rest

Why Rent a Photo Booth?

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When planning a party there are dozens of decisions to make, from the big ones like location and invitation list to small things like party favors and what font to use on the napkins. When it comes to entertainment, hosts are faced with a plethora of options from bands to DJs to street performers and countless other entertainers.

So why not combine two decisions into one? Choose to rent a party photo booth and you get both a record of the event and an entertainment feature in one. Not only will guests have fun posing in the booth, they’ll spend the rest of the evening comparing photos with each other.… Read the rest

Achieving Success Without Going to College

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Society today puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of pursing higher education, going to college and eventually earning a degree. Unfortunately, higher education can be a very costly and time-consuming process that for many people just isn’t an option, even with the help of financial aid. But just because you don’t go to college doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of your life working at McDonald’s. It is still possible to make a good living working in the successful career you’ve always dreamed of.

One industry that provides good jobs with benefits is the finance industry. While there are some upper level management jobs that … Read the rest

Social Security Benefits for Family Members

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Winning a claim for social security benefits usually comes as a relief to an injured worker and his or her family. The financial strain caused by inability to work combined with the mounting medical expenses can quickly devastate a family not only monetarily, but also emotionally. Knowing that benefits are on the way is an important step to rebuilding financial and psychological stability.

It’s important to note that benefits aren’t just for the injured worker. Family members may also be entitled to benefits that can total up to fifty percent of the monthly rate. There are qualified social security disability lawyers that can help a family determine which members … Read the rest

US Open Tennis Women’s Odds, Now that Serena’s out

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Now that 5-time champion Serena Williams is out of the US Open Tennis tournament, the women are going to have an interesting time sorting out the champion of the 4th and final leg of the Grand Slam. The US Open tennis betting analysis is giving odds for this now wide open field.

On the US Open tennis schedule the No.1 ranked player in the tournament is going to be just the 5th selection on the board to win the US Open. Caroline Wozniacki (+900), the Dane has never won a Grand Slam event before and has only made it out of the 4th round into the … Read the rest

Surf your way skinny in Honolulu!

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Surfing is so much harder than it looks, and so much more fun and relaxing at the same time! It is an amazing sport that is more like a hobby and even an addiction for some people. Once you get the hang of it, it can be a soothing and relaxing stress relieving activity. There are some people who can brave the winter months and get out there to catch the mother waves. Others prefer the warm waters of Hawaii to rip it up . Warmer waters allow you the freedom to forget about the wet suit and show off your bikini body. Take a look at some Honolulu … Read the rest